I was delighted to find that the Etsy independent/codependent site system fits the direction I want to take Tiny Fat Bird in 2017, and starting in November, you'll find my online shop{s} consolidated under Etsy. 

{As with most artists, I'd rather be spending my time hammering metal and lighting it on fire than updating my web presence on three different platforms as well as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This is going to save me so much time!}

I'd also like to thank the lovely hosts of all the shows that I did this year - I went from doing one show to doing 6 in as many months: thank you to Momo Seattle, Bar Del Corso, Fioravanti, Molbak's Garden & Home, and the Bellevue Art Museum. I'm delighted to have been invited, and look forward to more next year!  I might even be entertaining thoughts of applying to Urban Craft...but I might not be that crazy yet.

Thank you all as always - without your support, all this wouldn't be possible. It's because of all of you Tiny Fat Bird fans that I continue to live my dream of sketching designs, hammering metal, and of course lighting things on fire.