New studio space!

Happy New Year! May this year be...better than last year. 2017 brought what was for me a strange new America, which was unsettling largely because it was apparently the way the U.S. had been for quite a while, and I woke up alongside many idealistic Americans on November 9th 2016, knowing that things had gone very wrong without realizing yet how wrong they would yet go.

I spent 2017 trying to find a balance: with art, with work, with friends, with myself. I lost track of people, I reconnected and found more real friendships with others. For a brief time, I felt more real kinship with strangers I watch play games on Twitch every week than the people I know in real life. I got the chance to meet them: I waved and called out joyfully when they walked through the door - only to stop myself; of course they have no idea who I am.

I live within a diagnosed mood disorder, with the manic ups & downs that that entails, and spent the past year mostly treading water. So for this new year, because what I've been doing wasn't working, I'm going to focus on my space: Tiny Fat Bird, my art, my physical space, those things within my control. I have a planner! A dedicated marker of time. I will be writing more: My plan is to fill this little digital space with thoughts on art, process, aesthetics, minimalism & sustainability. I'm going to commit to this online space and my little digital shop the same way that I commit to the boutiques and museums that carry my work. Because you all have been so wonderful, & you deserve my full attention.

The day Mark Zuckerberg announced that he couldn't ignore what Facebook has done to our country, our electoral process - and most of all, our collective mental health! - coincided with my own understanding that part of my problem was the system of click-bait-titles & superficial connection that Facebook disguises as news and friendship. I'm still on Facebook, but I've been limiting it - whenever I have an urge to open up social media on my phone, I instead read a chapter of a book. Instead of sitting and scrolling through the edited lives of the people I know, I've been picking up the phone, or taking a moment to meditate or run through some yoga exercises.

Working out regularly has had its own rewards: I moved my studio into a bigger space, and impatiently hauled all of my heavy furniture from one area to the next with unexpected ease. It turns out that I can lift my huge butcher-block-hammering table safely by myself. I feel like Wonder Woman.

I'd love to hear in the comments feed below what you're doing to be better to yourself this year. I'll be updating on Instagram on both @tinyfatbird professionally and @tinyfatcatbird personally about life, gardening, health & sustainability. Also cats.

We can do it!